Donny Bennett's boat

Deux Freres for now, something else soon
1974 Trojan Sea Raider 25'
A birds eye view of her bow.

Condition of the wood decks. (Deks Olje teak finish)

Hanging in the straps, ready to launch. (Shiny, huh?)

Here she is, finally in the water at Willsboro Bay Marina!

This has been a GREAT boat so far! We are currently updating most of her systems for light cruising, but also tubing, fishing, swimming, (and skinny-dipping!), at the same time. My advice to the newbie, search your local marinas, there is an old girl waiting for you to take her out in the sun again, but get a survey, and know what you're getting into! Email me with any suggestions, comments, or advice, I will respond and listen. Thanks!

Boating Area: Lake Champlain for now, the Hudson/Erie canals and Cape Cod later.
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