What is rec.boats?

Rec.boats is a Usenet newsgroup where boating enthusiasts go to ask questions and help other boaters.  It is a great place to exchange information and meet new people.  Unlike some online forums rec.boats is NOT a moderated group.  This means people can say what they want, when they want and how they want.  There are times when conversations between people could become harsh, vulgar language may be used and you might be offended.  Off-topic posts do happen, and many on-topic posts can turn off-topic.  Don't let any of the bad keep you away from all the good.  Learn to use filters and kill files if the bad things that happen bother you.  Rec.boats is a great resource.  If your a boater you won't find a better online port of call than rec.boats.

Since I am no expert on exactly what rec.boats is, besides what I typed above, the rec.boats members will have to assist in answering this question.
Think of rec.boats as sort of a giant cyber raft up:  Boaters from everywhere hanging out on the cyber-hook talking about whatever people talk about when they are hanging around their boats.  As we all know, that could be anything.  And sometimes, boaters hanging on the hook all day can get even a bit soused, as some people here tend to behave.
That being said, we are all boaters here (or pretend to be), with much boating wisdom.  When a boating question comes along, almost everyone jumps in with a helpful response.  Instead of lurking for the information you need, speak up!  Participate!  This is a great place!

Larry Weiss
"...Ever After!"

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